Covid Love - a short comedy about a date during the pandemic

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About the movie

Covid Love is a short comedy by Dutch director René Nuijens. The film takes us to an intimate moment of Dick and Mary who meet each other for the first time during the Covid pandemic. An empty restaurant, a somewhat odd waiter and his strict measures make it a tough evening. Or will love prevail?


Is it the intention of the makers to downplay the COVID pandemic?

Not at all. The makers respect all measures that required to prevent the wider spread of the virus. This movie merely is an artistic take on people’s behavior to an event the world has never seen before.

Was there an urgent need to create this movie?

Not at all either. But there’s always a desperate need for comedy. The world can use more laughter. That’s why the whole crew and cast were damn serious about making a cheeky movie like this.

Did anyone get infected during the making of this movie?

No. Needless to say for the production of this movie, all government measures regarding the Corona pandemic and regulations that apply to the Dutch movie industry have been respected.

How’s Mary doing?

Mary, whose role was played by the lovely Sanghee Moon, is doing great. She never really got injured. Sound effects and a small helmet underneath that body bag did the trick. Movie magic! It was her best performance ever, she said.

What on earth is gourmetting?

“Gourmetting” is a famous Dutch dining tradition in which people sit around a small table grill and cook miniature pieces of meat, fish and vegetables. It is often enjoyed during Christmas holidays and after being in lockdown for months.

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